Cryonics Revival Scenarios and Potential Roadmaps

New cell line lets researchers use CRISPR to reversibly switch off genes

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‘CRISPR interference’ technique enables study of basic cell biology and disease in human stem cells The gene-editing technique known as CRISPR has become the darling of the laboratory world, most recently garnering its discoverers a Nobel Prize. The method is also taking early steps into the clinic as the basis for experimental gene therapies, for […]

Projects launch to map the nucleus, the information center of our cells

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Through the NIH-funded 4D Nucleome program, new efforts are underway to model the nucleus in human stem cells and capture 3D genome organization in mouse and human brain cells New research is underway to better understand the nucleus, the control center of our cells. Teams from two divisions of the Allen Institute, the Allen Institute […]

The mammalian brain is built from many kinds of neurons. A new study reveals a holistic way to look at them.

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Using a technique that simultaneously captures different kinds of features from each cell, researchers lay groundwork for a “family tree” of the brain. A technique that captures information about a neuron’s 3D shape, electrical properties, and its genes is giving scientists a new way to look at cell types in the mouse brain and the […]

These Scientists Just Completed a 3D ‘Google Earth’ for the Brain

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Human brain maps are a dime a dozen these days. Maps that detail neurons in a certain region. Maps that draw out functional connections between those cells. Maps that dive deeper into gene expression. Or even meta-maps that combine all of the above. But have you ever wondered: how well do those maps represent my […]

Be normal/natural

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I don’t encourage this: I agree with them to revive patients, but with a normal body very natural, ecologic-based.

Axonics’ SNM system wins FDA nod for 3T-MRI scans

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Axonics Modulation Technologies (NSDQ:AXNX) announced today that it has won FDA approval for full-body 3 Tesla (T) MRI scanning for patients implanted with its r-SNM sacral neuromodulation system. The premarket approval supplement represents an upgrade from a previous PMA conditional labeling for r-SNM, which allowed for for full-body scans using 1.5T MRI scanners. With this […]

Exascale Computing: A New Dawn for Computational Biology

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Abstract As biologists discover and learn to embrace the complexity of biological systems, computational data analysis and modeling have become critical for furthering our understanding. Exascale computing will enable the development of new predictive multiscale models, transforming how we study the behaviors of organisms and ecosystems, ultimately leading to new innovations and discoveries.

Who Will Benefit From Precision Medicine? And who might be left behind?

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One morning, as you’re getting out of bed, an intense pain grips your feet. Your toe joints are swollen again. It’s been happening for months now. You decide it’s time to get the problem checked out, so you pay a visit to your doctor, who tells you that you have rheumatoid arthritis. What happens next […]

Statins and ICH: New Meta-Analysis

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A new meta-analysis has concluded that the benefit of statin therapy in the prevention of ischemic stroke “greatly exceeds” the risk for intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). The meta-analysis was released on as part of the 2020 American Academy of Neurology Science Highlights. The meeting, like many others, was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coauthor […]

Promising therapy for cardiac regeneration

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Ischemic heart disease (IHD) has maintained its rank as one of the worldwide leading causes of mortality outweighing the burden from all malignancies combined. When IHD develops, chronic myocardial ischemia, aggravated in some instances by periods of acute ischemia in the form of myocardial infarction, ensue. Damaged myocardium is replaced with a fibrotic scar that […]

Endovascular Stroke Therapy More Beneficial On-Site Than Off-Site

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Functional outcomes and in-hospital mortality were better in patients with acute ischemic stroke who received on-site endovascular stroke therapy (EST), compared with those who received therapy following transfer to another site, according to study results published in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions. EST has an important role in modern acute ischemic stroke care. However, limited data exist […]

Logistics will be automated soon or one day, and so will cryonics organizations with liquid nitrogen

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Logistics will be automated soon or one day, and so will cryonics organizations with liquid nitrogen. AGI will also take form making cryonics operations 100% automated by machines. The problem will be to manage fire in forests, but I guess fire in forests don’t happen in a desert. I suspect not but I am not […]

Fracturing should be managed as soon as possible, here are some temperatures, a guide

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This hummingbird survives cold nights by nearly freezing itself solid

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The high Andes mountains of Peru are a hummingbird’s paradise, rich in wildflower nectar and low in predators. But there’s one problem: the cold. Nighttime temperatures often dip below freezing in these rainy tropical highlands. How does a six-gram bird that needs nectar from 500 flowers a day just to survive get enough extra energy […]


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Hi, I suggest or propose to cryonics organisations to hire managers for theirs organisations if they can. With an education in management. Because this is the place to be in, when we conduct a business. Or at least to read books about management, it’s serious, be careful.

The Feng lab has developed a next-generation optogenetic system for non-invasive stimulation of neurons

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Optogenetics has revolutionized neurobiology, allowing researchers to use light to activate or deactivate neurons that are genetically modified to express a light-sensitive channel. This ability to manipulate neuron activity has allowed causal testing of the function of specific neurons, and also has therapeutic potential to reduce symptoms in brain disorders. However, activating neurons deep within […]

The optogenetics scientific zone/industry

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Hello, I think that right now optogenetics are able to move only 1 neuron or so. But maybe in the future, when research will go up in this area of science, optogenetics, when optogenetics will be able to move or to touch or to change more than 1 neuron in a single moment, maybe it […]

Researchers Use Next-Generation Optogenetics to Control Single Neurons

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Using a technique that relies on a new type of light-sensitive protein, researchers have devised a way to control single neurons using optogenetics. Researchers at MIT and Paris Descartes University have developed a new optogenetic technique that sculpts light to target individual cells bearing engineered light-sensitive molecules, so that individual neurons can be precisely stimulated. […]

101 new visitors on this site so far..this is great, cryonics will always be profitable and a good business to be in

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101 new visitors on this site so far since the beginning..this is great, cryonics will always be profitable and a good business to be in.

How to manage the pleasure to eat in the future in a precise location

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It will be important that cryonics organisations take in account that foods will change over time and that people coming from all regions will need to get the same taste that they are common with. For example if I come from Trois-Rivières my city in Québec province in Canada in 2020, I hope that I […]

U of A researchers find way to speed up nerve regrowth

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By ADRIANNA MacPHERSON A University of Alberta researcher has found a treatment that increases the speed of nerve regeneration by three to five times, which may one day lead to much better outcomes for trauma surgery patients. “We use the term ‘time is muscle,’” said Christine Webber, an associate professor in the U of A’s […]

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an intro:

An Awesome Journey – Transhumanist novel

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“I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW, IN A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW Hi all my Facebook friends. Are you sequestered at home during this darn pandemic?? Escape boredom now by checking out my fast-selling new novel called: “An Awesome Journey” It is a fast-pace action, romantic, mystery novel. Is a poignant love story Is a challenging mystery […]

I listened a video on Youtube and..

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I listened a video on Youtube called “An airplane made in Quebec”. The owner of the company said and I was surprised I did not realise that before that they needed to build tools to make tools, or maybe he said, we needed to make new tools to create a new airplane. So I said […]

Preclinical Research: Translating Results from Mice to Humans

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All clinically approved therapeutics have passed through preclinical testing at some point. Drugs must be tested in animal subjects before human trials are conducted; the key is to translate those findings into meaningful results for patients. However, the success rate for new drugs tested in clinical trials remains extremely small.1 This waste of both time, […]

The Cryonics Organisations will inform to their patients more about them after revival

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The Cryonics Organisations will inform to their patients more about them after revival. Because we will know much more about brains. We will be able to explain why a person lived that way, more than another life. We will understand us more, know more about us after our cryonics experience. Our brain into our societies. […]

Human Brain Project launches ‘Google Earth’ of the brain

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Scientists have developed an atlas of the brain which has the potential to improve research, treatment and surgery for conditions including epilepsy and cancer. As part of the new EBRAINS digital infrastructure of the European Human Brain Project, a team of scientists has developed a microstructure atlas of the brain. The atlas is said to […]

Scientists restore some functions in a pig’s brain hours after death

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Immunofluorescent stains for neurons (green), astrocytes (red), and cell nuclei (blue) in a region of the hippocampus of a pig’s brain left untreated 10 hours after death (left) or subjected to perfusion with the BrainEx technology. Ten hours postmortem, neurons and astrocytes undergo cellular disintegration unless salvaged by the BrainEx system. (Image credit: Stefano G. […]

CT Scan with living tissues or bodies or living human beings

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Hi, I don’t know if there is a scanner that exists like a CT Scan but for living tissue, I did a google search without finding anything, maybe a PET/CT Scan. I had a discussion with my father following a visualisation on youtube about a CT Scanner this one: (digital autopsy) In the future […]

Alcor’s Chief Technical Coordinator wrote:

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As Steve Graber, Alcor’s Chief Technical Coordinator wrote: “A big step forward for the Alcor CT Scan analysis program last year was the development of a CT color lookup table that allows us to now determine the overall perfusion level for each Alcor patient. This is the first time that we’ve been able to ‘look […] A digital autopsy is a non-invasive autopsy

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A digital autopsy is a non-invasive autopsy in which digital imaging technology, such as with Computerized Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans, is used to develop three-dimensional images for a virtual exploration of a human body. Digital autopsy, simply, means conducting autopsy in computerized environment by digital tools. The first step of digitizing […]

The future will be more ordered and look here how

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Hi, We know that aliens are more advanced than us, just by seeing flying saucers and UFOs. Here is a story and images that I want you to look: The future will be more ordered, and here you can see how a human can be after a cryonics experience: So our bodies will […]

Technology, Personalized Medicine, And Autism

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Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and being greeted not by people who invite you to wait, but by a scanner ready to gather information about your heart, kidney, lung and liver function. Scanning your body for a near-complete diagnostic work-up, the scanner forwards your results to a giant screen in the exam room where […]

The first book about cryonics, first edition by Robert C W Ettinger

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In 2050, the cryonics industry will be worth 280 000 000$USD.

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In 2050, the cryonics industry will be worth 280 000 000$USD. In today money.

How personalized medicine is revolutionizing healthcare in Florida and beyond

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The future of healthcare just landed in Florida. This is a story about the ingenuity of Israeli technology and a partnership with the premier active adult community on planet earth. The combination is turning the central Florida heartland into a world-class medical destination and adding energy to the local economy. People are living longer and […]

An introduction about personalized medicine

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Personalized medicine, also referred to as precision medicine, is a medical model that separates people into different groups—with medical decisions, practices, interventions and/or products being tailored to the individual patient based on their predicted response or risk of disease.

Artificial Blood Substitutes Market – Insights into how contours of market will change in coming years

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The global artificial blood substitutes market is predicted to register stellar growth rate in the forthcoming years. The presence of a large patient population that requires blood transfusion during surgeries, trauma, and for other blood disorders, which remains unmet due to shortage of blood supply has necessitated creation of artificial blood substitutes. an introduction about ischemia

Published in Ischemia. an introduction about ischemia

I’m not an expert for Ischemia but I try to find good news about ischemia

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I’m not an expert for Ischemia but I try to find good news about ischemia because this is one of the most important information to revive cryonics patients, so far here it is a news, which I think it is important, if you want to help me to find good news and good information about […]

Google’s Bristlecone Quantum Computing Chip Achieves 72 Qubits

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When a quantum computer is finally able to calculate operations faster than the most powerful supercomputers currently in existence, it will achieve what is known as “quantum supremacy”. Google Quantum AI Lab revealed a new gate-based superconducting quantum computing chip called Bristlecone last week with a square array of 72 qubits (a portmanteau for quantum […]

To understand cracking in cryonics, is to understand how to repair brains at deep low temperature

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To understand cracking in cryonics, is to understand how to repair brains at deep low temperature. Because cracking happen at a deep low temperature, it is moving particles at the micro size level. The work would be now to move atoms and molecules at deep low temperature, but before that we need to understand how […]

Nanotechnology: Putting a nanomachine to work

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A team of chemists has successfully coupled the directed motion of a light-activated molecular motor to a different chemical unit — thus taking an important step toward the realization of synthetic nanomachines.

A Cryonics Revival paper from Alcor:

Published in Nanotech, Theories & Scenarios. First an article, then a book, then a project, then an institute !

News on Ischemia from the Nature Journal

Published in Ischemia. research topics about ischemia on the nature journal. In the future, we will know a lot more about ischemia, we will be able to heal ischemic problems from a more destructive way, than today, we will be to reverse ischemic damage from a longer point in the past, with more damage. We will have […]

About Cerebral Ischemia – Columbia Neurosurgery

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Published in Ischemia.

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Laser-welded sugar: Sweet way to 3D-print blood vessels

Published in Tech News. Powdered sugar is the special ingredient in a Rice University recipe for mimicking the body’s intricate, branching blood vessels in lab-grown tissues. In research published today in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, Rice bioengineers showed they could keep densely packed cells alive for two weeks in relatively large constructs by creating complex blood vessel […]

Largest supercomputers to simulate life on Earth, including economies and whole societies

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Information on a site about Quantum Computing, players etc.

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Jobs in Neuroscience

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List of brains institutes to understand the brains around the world

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Published in Tech News, Theories & Scenarios. Connectome is one of the biggest project for brain understanding. I think. I’m not sure but a lot of cryonicists are excited about it. I don’t know if the 2 links are related.

Published in Tech News, Theories & Scenarios. This is a good project for cryonics patients, not enough mature though.

Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS) Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)

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Yottascale computing (10^24) 257.6×10^24 Estimated computational power required to simulate 7 billion human brains in real time.

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Yottascale computing (10^24) 257.6×10^24 Estimated computational power required to simulate 7 billion human brains in real time.

Here is a list of top supercomputers:

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To repair the brain with smart, synchronized nanomachines, at deep low temperature?

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To repair the brain with smart, synchronized nanomachines, at deep low temperature? Is it even possible? Today no but in the future, yes for sure.

Bioprinting whole bodies

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There is a good industry currently about bioprinting organs, that might lead to bioprinting whole bodies. technology to build tissues and organs. Bioprinting precisely places cells, proteins, DNA, drug particles, growth factors and biologically active particles spatially to guide tissue generation and formation. It has been used extensively in the field of regenerative medicine. United […]

Brain on a chip could allow us to verify our brains informations

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Several brain on a chip technologies will happen in the future and it will help cryonics patients in a sense to verify if we have the good information in our brains, one application would be this. But stay tuned with brain on a chip technologies. It will help to see if brain functions work good […]

Cryonics is not a religion, it is a medical treatment

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Cryonics is not a religion, it is a medical treatment not yet well supported and weird for our time.

Blood substitute

Published in Tech News. We need the perfect blood, with a good immune system for us, up to date with the current humanity. In the cryonics process we remove blood, we will need to replace the cryoprotectant with a new blood. This tech will evolve too. Better for everyone. The blood substitute might include smart nanomachines.

Scientists create first billion-atom biomolecular simulation

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We just begin to simulate stuff, when computers will be cheaper, more powerful, smaller, simulation will help for disease treatments. We can’t simulate a whole body so. And we don’t have good scanners too. Not in 2020. Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have created the largest simulation to date of an entire gene of […]

U Scientists Scan World’s First 10.5-Tesla Human MRI Image

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This kind of scanner will become cheaper, smarter, more accurate and maybe portable. This kind of scanner could help cryonics patients if we need to touch the cryonics patient. But I doubt it would allow to scan outside the dewars in metal, but maybe they will find a way. Some patients currently have peace maker […]

Powered Exoskeleton

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We might need this kind of advanced technologies but now more cheaper and smarter, in the beginning to learn us how to move or not.

The transmission electron microscope, This Microscope Shows the Quantum World in Crazy Detail

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THE TRANSMISSION ELECTRON microscope was designed to break records. Using its beam of electrons, scientists have glimpsed many types of viruses for the first time. They’ve used it to study parts of biological cells like ribosomes and mitochondria. You can see individual atoms with it. But experts have recently unlocked new potential for the machine. “It’s been a […]

Google researchers create AI that maps the brain’s neurons

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Mapping could be used as scanning. This is good news for us that Google is interested to map our neurons, maybe one day this technology might be mature, cheap and could be applied to cryonics patient. Some features are open source but I don’t know if the technique is invasive or not. Cryonicists prefer not […]

Researchers are developing a device that can edit brain activity

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Not enough information from that for cryonics patients, we don’t know enough about our brains and this tool is not mature yet. But it is a beginning. But it has a lot of potential for cryonics patients. This is one of the aim of cryonics to edit brains. Neuroscientists at the University of California Berkeley […]

New Breakthrough Allows Machines to Literally Predict the Behavior of Molecules

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This tool could be used for cryonics patients, but right now this kind of tools are not supported for cryonics patients but we could be inspired by such a news.   Though much noise has been made of what’s still to come from artificial intelligence (AI), the technology has already changed our daily lives. Machine […]

Scanning Technologies, the first step, and then Simulation Technologies

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Scanning Technologies In order to scan a body or a head or a brain we need to take many precautions, but scanning technologies will evolve overtime, scanners will become more complex, more accurate, more easy to use, smarter too. They could scan outside the dewars of cryonics patients, most dewars in cryonics are made in […]