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An update about my professional career (Jonathan Després)

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I worked for a COVID-19 testing clinic for hygiene and sanitation and then I became an administrative agent for the same institute and to welcome new customers with their health data and information. After this I became a telephonist for the biggest hospital in my area, which is spending around 100 000$CAD per day for health care. My duties were to match M.D.s with infirmeries and other departments and also for visitors with questions about our patients being theirs relatives, and also general information needed was answered by me and my department. It was fun. I was a class C or 3 agent administrator now with my study in/of Word and Excel I am now a class B or 2 agent administrator. I plan to gather money to invest in real estate and then after to invest into cryonics research. You are also welcome to help me with/in this. I am glad you visit my website but also your website because this website will become useful to a lot of cryonics patients in the future I hope so. Let’s stay optimists and positives 🙂