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I’m not an expert for Ischemia but I try to find good news about ischemia

Published in Ischemia.

I’m not an expert for Ischemia but I try to find good news about ischemia because this is one of the most important information to revive cryonics patients, so far here it is a news, which I think it is important, if you want to help me to find good news and good information about ischemia don’t be embarrassed you are welcome to help me. If you have a good news about ischemia contact me. [email protected] ischemia ischemia ischemia ischemia 🙂

Ischemic heart disease (IHD) has maintained its rank as one of the worldwide leading causes of mortality outweighing the burden from all malignancies combined.

When IHD develops, chronic myocardial ischemia, aggravated in some instances by periods of acute ischemia in the form of myocardial infarction, ensue. Damaged myocardium is replaced with a fibrotic scar that over-activates physiologic compensatory mechanisms with challenging sequalae, such as myocardial rigidity and eventually, over time, heart failure.

A research collaboration team at University of Helsinki together with a State Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Disease (FuWai Hospital, Beijing, China) has investigated in a mouse model of artificial myocardial infarction, the molecular mechanisms underlying novel, easily clinically implementable tissue-engineered approach for stimulating the myocardial regeneration.