Cryonics Revival Scenarios and Potential Roadmaps

Bioprinting whole bodies

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There is a good industry currently about bioprinting organs, that might lead to bioprinting whole bodies.

technology to build tissues and organs. Bioprinting precisely places cells, proteins, DNA, drug particles, growth factors and biologically active particles spatially to guide tissue generation and formation. It has been used extensively in the field of regenerative medicine.

United Therapeutics (Organs Manufacturing)

Organovo (3D Printing of Organs)

Cellink (3D Printing of Organs)

“Using current methods, bringing a new drug to market has been estimated to cost US$2.5 billion, and can take more than ten years from start to finish,” the researchers state. “Even if you manage to identify a new candidate drug, the likelihood of regulatory approval is low: in 2016, less than 10% were approved.”

Why Drug Testing May Be the Most Important Application of 3D Bioprinting