Cryonics Revival Scenarios and Potential Roadmaps

Scanning Technologies, the first step, and then Simulation Technologies

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Scanning Technologies

In order to scan a body or a head or a brain we need to take many precautions, but scanning technologies will evolve overtime, scanners will become more complex, more accurate, more easy to use, smarter too. They could scan outside the dewars of cryonics patients, most dewars in cryonics are made in metal, like at Alcor. The best would be to wait to have such scanners that scan human bodies and heads, brains through the metals or other objects without touching the bodies. Also, the most important is to scan everything, and this we don’t know, we need biological knowledge. Organisations like the Allen Institute are doing research to discover new biological entities, new neurons not even discovered etc. We need to take precautions to scan everything it’s a must. To scan from the Quarks to the Atoms, to Molecules etc.. until the whole bodies are reached would be safe but even there we must stay humble. Maybe more than one scanner will be needed.

Simulation Technologies

Before to touch real human bodies or the heads or the brains of cryonics patients, we will need to pass the information, the models from the scanners to a Simulation tool able to contain all the body of the cryonics patient. This will need a very powerful computer from a current perspective. Quantum computers or any computer able to do the best simulation for that, in order for not forgetting anything from information of the scannings. We need to be 110% sure that everything must be taken in consideration from the human bodies, heads or brains. It must also have a certification that this simulation is used for repairing human bodies, and that this simulation did a lot of simulations to current citizens of the countries already alive. I believe that simulations for human bodies will come sooner than later to repair diseases and that our knowledge in simulations will be good. With this simulation we will add nanomachines or other tools able to move atoms or molecules or cells, whatever, and we will calculate, with artificial intelligence or not, or the best way, will be used to see what to do in order to be 100% repaired, happy, with a feeling of security and others things that will need to be considered. But I think that simulation will soon more and more be used to repair the future population in general and that new knowledge will come from that.

This is my first humble post about the tools needed. Let’s stay tuned because I have a lot of information to tell you.